10 Tips to Nail Your Remote Interview Process

10 Tips to Nail Your Remote Interview Process

Technical assessment checks general understanding of API integration, automation. Is 50k too low for a Jr Copywriter position at an IPG agency? Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent. With Homerun everyone in your team can now easily jump in and review candidates together. ‍- We’re using Whereby for the video call , but if you’ve used it in the past be sure to check your username ahead of time because it will use a default. To keep applications more organized we suggest using a Homerun application form so you can easily compare candidates and avoid losing CVs and email exchanges in a bottomless email inbox. You have the ability to communicate well through writing – since we’re remote written communication is a big part of how the team interacts.

  • I initially shared these thoughts at the Change at Work conference by NOBL, here’s the full video and transcript.
  • When considering these factors, it’s best practice to offer candidates as much prior information as you can.
  • Some of the things you could mention are work hours, company benefits, policies around leave, etc.
  • Keep in mind that your company’s remote hiring process is often a direct reflection of its values and approach to work.

The difference between the two interviews is an increase in commitment from our hiring team. While it’s common for the skill assessment to be conducted by 1–2 team members, the cultural interview will have a representative from every team present.

How can we engage candidates during a hiring freeze and build interest so they’re ready when we are?

Generally, that means searching job boards that specialize in remote work. While we humbly suggest the FlexJobs job board, there are, of course, other sites that post remote jobs. At Remote, we strive to create a recruiting process that is straightforward, lean, objective, and transparent to candidates and hiring teams. It’s more important than ever to know how to ace a remote interview.

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While the project is certainly an important piece of the process, it is not the sole determining factor for moving to hire. The hiring team considers the project score combined with feedback from earlier stages to decide who moves on to the final stage. Now at 10 years old, we’re grateful we attract numerous qualified remote interview process candidates each time we open a new role. However, we’ve also learned that some of the best hires are candidates who weren’t even looking for their next role until we contacted them. To ensure this, the hiring team collaborates on the questions they plan to ask well in advance of scheduling any interviews.

Make the decision and the offer

Wasting an interviewee’s time while you fiddle with tech makes for a disappointing candidate experience. Our remote hiring process runs smoothly thanks to a few essential tools. After those interviews, the hiring team will huddle up and discuss all the feedback on the candidates and come together to make a decision about who to hire. It’s good to be aligned on salary early so that if we get to the final stage with someone, we can make an offer they’ll be excited about and more likely to accept. We’ve also started sharing the salary range for our roles on the job description so candidates know what to expect before they even interview.

remote interview process

Documentation is critical to the recruitment team’s success, but how do you make an interview better in practice? Applying to a job is stressful and often frustrating for applicants. In most cases, the balance of power is strongly skewed towards the employer. This means people interviewing are typically not the best representation of themselves. Success in interviewing does not necessarily predict success on the job.

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Jobs in more traditional industries like finance or law might require more thoughtful planning. If you’re not sure how far you need to go with your attire, it won’t hurt to ask. Check with your recruitment contact via email before the call.

Workers demand to be paid what the job is worth – Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

Workers demand to be paid what the job is worth.

Posted: Wed, 21 Dec 2022 20:08:27 GMT [source]

Did you know that onboarding increases your retention and productivity rate? According to Glassdoor, organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. If you think online interviews are awkward, then you’re not the only one. If you receive an offer and accept the position, you can usually expect to participate in an onboarding or orientation program.

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